Sunfoil donates R5-million for emergency water relief in Gqeberha

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From left to right: Ali Sablay (GoG), Courtney Whittaker (Willowton), Alfred Mahlambi (GoG), Martyn Landmann (GoG), Doctor Imtiaz Sooliman (GoG), Heinrich Erasmus (GoG)

Sunfoil donates R5-million for emergency water relief in Gqeberha

The potentially catastrophic water crisis in Gqeberha has prompted support from one of South Africa’s best loved brands. The makers of Sunfoil, the popular brand of sunflower oil, is providing R5-million worth of urgent water relief to the people of Gqeberha who have been hit by the crisis.

A passing conversation between Imtiaz Sooliman from Gift of the Givers and the Moosa family of Willowton, at an industry function on the 10th of June, highlighted the plight of Gqeberha communities. When it became apparent that Gift of the Givers planned to send their borehole equipment to the region, an immediate commitment was made by the owners of Sunfoil to provide financial assistance. As Sooliman expressed it, “The speed, commitment and passion of both parties to provide help where it is desperately needed is a wonderful testament to the values of the Willowton Group and underscores the generosity that we South Africans have at our core”.

With Nelson Mandela Bay just hours away from a catastrophe, the region edges dangerously close to running out of water. A severe seven-year drought has depleted dams and reservoirs in the Nelson Mandela Bay municipality, thus affecting the supply of water to Gqeberha. Once the dams run dry completely it is estimated that 107 suburbs, townships, and metro areas will be waterless within a month.

Due to dam levels being critically low, very little of the remaining water in the area is potable, and chemicals used to treat the water have been found to be harmful to children, livestock, and vegetation. What little water there is cannot be viably pumped from the dams, leaving major industrial areas – that are vital to the local economy – affected.

“Our hearts go out to the communities in the Eastern Cape who are affected by this dire water shortage. As a brand at the heart of these communities, Sunfoil has partnered with the aid organisation Gift of the Givers to bring urgent relief and hope to the Gqeberha area. Our donation is enabling Gift of the Givers to bring in the equipment and manpower needed to drill boreholes for various communities, so that lives and livelihoods can be saved,” says Mohamed Ishfaaq Moosa, Operations Executive of Willowton Group, the makers of Sunfoil.

Moosa also called on other market-leading companies to assist in this effort. “Sunfoil and Gift of the Givers encourages other great South African brands to rally behind this initiative to serve these stricken communities and in a small but tangible way, repay the loyalty and support they have enjoyed in the past.”

Sunfoil chose to partner with Gift of the Givers because of their international experience in assisting drought-stricken communities in South Africa, other parts of Africa, Yemen, and Pakistan. The aid organisation also recently installed boreholes in the disaster-stricken area of Tongaat in KwaZulu-Natal.

Water drilling equipment is currently being transported to Gqeberha from other parts of the country so that Gift of the Givers can start pumping water across the Nelson Mandela Bay area as a matter of urgency.

“We are very thankful that we are able to work with Gift of the Givers’ excellent team to provide lasting water solutions for the Gqeberha community,” says Mohamed Ishfaaq Moosa.