Take a Virtual Tour of The Nelson Mandela Capture Site

The Nelson Mandela Capture Site is offering a virtual tour of its visitor centre and sculpture while it remains closed due to the spread of the coronavirus.

With museums and galleries around the world having to shut their doors, it might feel like there’s no way to explore the world. But now, thanks to advances in technology, closed doors don’t mean closed museums.

The Nelson Mandela Capture Site has been hard at work creating a virtual experience that visitors can access from the comfort and safety of their own homes. The impressive technology uses drone footage to allow virtual visitors to experience the Capture Site’s immersive exhibition. The programme gives you access to a dazzling display of historical artefacts, rare video and audio footage and a 360 degree experience of the world-renowned sculpture.

The Tour was launched on 27 May, marking two months since the Site was first closed to the public. As a non-profit organisation, the Capture Site acts as an economic driver in the community, helping to create and sustain jobs and promoting tourism in the province.

In a typical month, the Capture Site employs over 35 staff, welcomes around 500 visitors per day, hosts numerous school groups and education programmes, trains 25 young adults for the hospitality and tourism industry and supports local businesses through construction and upgrade projects.

As a non-profit organisation, it is difficult to press pause on all of these activities.

Until the Site can safely reopen, they will continue to rely on the support of the public. You can make an impact by supporting the Capture Site through pre-buying tickets, purchasing a membership or making a donation.

To experience the virtual tour, head over to the website.

Link to Vimeo preview: https://vimeo.com/421268058