We featured the TalkUBUNTU initiative a while back, here’s an update.

Dear All,

We are proud to inform you that we have started to implement talkUBUNTU Clubs in more than 400 schools and civil society organizations (youth, education and development) in South Africa and on the rest of the African continent.

The “clubs” are developed to support Life Orientation Learning and Study- and Career Development. A unique aspect of the project is that learners themselves are charged with the setting up and management of the school-own clubs.

The talkUBUNTU (Life Orientation) Clubs are developed in line with the Department of Education’s Curriculum for Life Orientation and gives learners the opportunity to explore, in their own time, the career world, as well all other social- and developmental issues. Teachers and mentors are able to follow and evaluate the activities of the school-own talkUBUNTU clubs.

Once implemented the project, run by our learners, does not require any extra classroom hours.

The talkUBUNTU clubs are no different from, for example, your school’s debating association, and are designed to support a variety of different school subjects with a particular focus on Life Orientation. Learners are invited to join a variety of associate communities, for example talkUBUNTU’s History-, Science & Technology-, Geography-, Race and Values- and other “clubs”.

If your school has not yet started its own talkUBUNTU Club, we would like you to join us now! or send a mail to

talkUBUNTU gives ownership –  of a vital part of their education – to our learners in a fun and exciting way – without interfering in your daily school activity. Fundamental to the building and maintenance of our school-own talkUBUNTU Clubs, is a belief in the ability and creativity of our learners.

Note: if you are already registered with talkUBUNTU but do not know how to start your school’s own talkUBUNTU Club, please contact us for support.

Thank you to all who have been working so hard to help us to develop an educational environment worthy of our youth!

On Behalf of our Patron

Ambassador Thandi Lujabe Rankoe


Johan Allers

Founder & Developer

Foundation talkUBUNTU