The Adventures of Rategan – Volume 1- Robin Benger

By Steuart Pennington

Robin Benger grew up in South Africa, fell out with the Apartheid Government of the 70’s, joined the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, and that’s where his ‘ordinary’ life ended! Now, with many journalistic awards behind him and having compiled more that 100 documentaries in 65 countries he has put pen to paper and chronicled the first six in a remarkable book “The Adventures of Rategan – Volume 1” Writing under the pseudonym of Rategan this book reads like a Frederic Forsyth novel; extraordinarily well-written, full of fearless adventures; grippingly exciting; and always presenting an alternative perspective. But unlike a Frederic Forsyth novel all six chapters are as true as they are real! Writing of the famine in Mocambique Rategan journeys into the killing fields of the Cold War between Russian supported Frelimo and South African supported Renamo with entirely unexpected outcomes. Then Rategan is in El Salvador discovering the malfeasance of US military aid and the aspirations of the Ejercito Revolucvion Partido – ERP guerrilla movement as he navigates his way behind the lines into the heart of the resistance movement only to get caught up in a real war, shot at, and still able to tell the story. Rategan writes in a staccato, pulsating type style, keeping the reader rivetted, the chapters on Grenada, Peru, Toronto and South Africa are similar in style but intriguingly different in content. The relationships Rategan develops with fellow journalists, guerrilla leaders, social outcasts, regime victims are sensitively described to the point of you being there! “The Adventures of Rategan – Volume 1” genuinely tells stories that are not found in mainstream Western media, they give a perspective that is eye-opening, the work of a passionate journalist whose only mission is to present the truth. A deeply absorbing read and a must have in the home library.

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ISBN 978-0-2288-9366-0 (Paperback)

ISBN 978-0-2288-9367-7 (eBook)