There’s no place like a South African airport

For all the bickering on social media, South Africans in the main area are blessed with a generosity of spirit that shames most of the world. Our people might not be the most efficient, but they sure possess the warmest hearts.

Take the lad who checked us in at the airport last night, one rather obviously new to the job. He made a hash of it and after valiantly battling away, eventually called his supervisor. Here’s where it gets interesting. The supervisor was professional, quickly sorted out the snafu but most importantly, without an angry word.

He then handed back to the youngster, trusting him to complete the process. Which he did. Although the process took half an hour, we left the scrum with a smile. Not so the grumpy Swede behind us, who may well regale his friends about African Standards when he arrives home, which really isn’t fair.

Last time we visited the US, it took three hours to clear customs. And on a recent visit to the UK, it was two hours. Despite the check-in hitches, last night we got to the SLOW longue within the hour. Best of all, were sent there by a succession of smiles. There are not many airports on earth where you can say that.