Thought leader on innovation comes to SA

Written by Lindy Mtongana

South Africa ranked 46th overall in the Global Competitiveness Report 2007, making us the second highest ranking country in Africa, second only to Tunisia.

Gibson believes that South Africa’s drive to build knowledge and innovation throughout its economy, which has seen it score highly in scientific research and research & development, will see it push even further in the future.

“South Africa’s economic sophistication is reflected by its achievement in fields like property rights, corporate ethics, and goods, as well as financial market efficiency, business sophistication, and innovation,” says Gibson.

He explained that an enterprise-wide innovation capability will create new wealth, new markets and new growth opportunities

Gibson will present a full-day innovation masterclass in Johannesburg on November 21. His globally celebrated presentation entitled “Making Innovation Happen” is considered a blueprint for building and sustaining an enterprise-wide innovation capability.

Gibson’s presentation forms the latest in a series of international speakers to be brought to South Africa by Global Leaders.

Tina Schneidermann, president of Global Leaders, explained, “Through this year, we have presented speakers that focus on the challenges and opportunities within business in South Africa.”

“Rowan will show companies how to reimagine how they operate, from product right through to price, and demonstrate how globalisation and commoditisation need not slow a company down, but can open up new areas for growth.”

Rowan Gibson’s innovation masterclass will be held at The Forum, The Campus, Johannesburg on November 21, 2007. For more details, visit: