Thriving Women’s Entrepreneur Summit – Setting women up for success

This Women’s Month ActionCOACH Southern Africa is hosting their 4th Annual Thriving Women’s Entrepreneur Summit on the 11th. Specifically created for women business leaders, the webinar is free of charge to ensure inclusive access. This year’s theme is Growth and the diverse, women-only speakers are tackling a range of topics intended to empower, motivate, and engage business owners.

Award-winning business coach, industrial psychologist and author Kathi Hyde will be one of the speakers. Her book, ‘Peace by Piece: A Practical Guide to Stepping Up or Starting Over in Business and in Life’ aims at helping small business owners rise to international standards. “Many women are starting over in business and in life – and not just post-Covid.  My book focuses on how you can get yourself and your business resilient and ready after life’s taken a left turn. I’ll be talking from it, specifically on how NOT to dread Mondays or month-end…and make music from that which remains,” she says.

Hyde’s comments are supported by the peer-reviewed report, ‘A Review of the Impact of Covid-19 Pandemic on Women Entrepreneurs[1]’. The authors found that the Covid-19 lockdown restrictions led to many women-owned businesses not being able to operate, a drastic drop in revenue and an increase in anxiety. The findings also suggest a lack of digital knowledge amongst women entrepreneurs and a lack of financial assistance provided by the government.

Joining Hyde at the speakers’ table are Palesa Matjekane (current Mrs South Africa, business owner and philanthropist), Phillipa Geard (CEO and founder of RecruitmyMom and RecruitaGraduate) as well as Claudine Ullman (award-winning comedian as seen on Netflix, Comedy Central, MTV and E-Entertainment).

“Since being crowned Mrs South Africa, opportunities to work on my passion projects have opened up,” says Matjekane. “My existing businesses are thriving, and I am focusing on youth development. With more than 65% of the country’s youth unemployed, providing young people with the skills and tools they need to thrive in the digital world is my current focus. My topic is about trying until you succeed and I will be sharing my own experiences with the delegates in the hope of inspiring other women to make concrete differences in the world.”

Says Ullman: “Improv comedy training may seem like an odd topic within a business leadership summit, but there is a reason why top global conglomerates and Ivy League universities are calling on comedians to add to their core curriculum. Improv comedy requires the ability to think at lightning speed, and to work seamlessly with others to produce a shared performance. It forces you to let go of the need to be ‘perfect’ and allows you to listen to your intuition and trust yourself. My session includes techniques to begin eliminating self-sabotaging behaviours, generate self-confidence and operate from your creative genius.”

“The catalyst of the last few years has presented many challenges, but also many opportunities,” says Pieter Scholtz, country partner, ActionCOACH Southern Africa. “The speakers at this year’s Summit have been selected and invited to represent a diverse panel of female business owners who have all tackled their own business reality in different ways. We have requested that their presentations include pragmatic tools for the audience and that everyone walks away with a ‘toolkit for success’ post the webinar.”

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