Time For a Spring Clean?

Spring clean for good

Spring is in the air. It’s time to clean out your closets and dust out the winter cobwebs – summer is around the corner! What do you do with all your old things?

Forgood.co.za, an online platform that connects people to causes may have the answer; “We make finding homes for your unwanted things hassle-free – and better yet, you can guarantee that they are going to people that need them,” says Andy Hadfield, CEO of forgood.

There are more than 520 accredited causes registered on the site, which is regularly updated with requests for goods, volunteers and services. Donations can be arranged at the click of a button – either through responding to an existing request or posting an offer on the site. From there, offers are distributed directly to causes that might need them.

“Spring Day is the perfect opportunity for us to rally support for our causes, and in the process, give your old things a new lease on life,” says Hadfield.

Examples of live goods requests on forgood:

  • TVs, microwaves, laptops and printers
  • Kitchen sinks, office furniture, bathroom equipment and stoves
  • Non-perishable foods
  • Calculators, geometry sets, textbooks and stationery
  • Children’s clothes, toys and furniture
  • Bicycles, building materials, vegetable seedlings and lawnmowers

Social Links:

Website: www.forgood.co.za

Facebook – http://facebook.com/forgoodSA

Twitter – @forgoodSA – http://twitter.com/forgoodSA