TOURISM to SA: Some Low Hanging Fruit There for the Taking

Sean Peche from Ranmore Funds in an interview with Alec Hogg says:

“In 2019 the UK’s ONS estimated 252,000 UK residents were born in SA. Most of us haven’t seen SA based family/friends in two years and are desperate to reconnect. But SA is on the UK Red list meaning upon return we have to spend 10 days in a quarantine hotel next to a Heathrow car park at a cost of £2,250 per person. It’s unaffordable, so we wait.


Now add non-SA partners and UK born children and my guess is 500,000 are ready to travel to SA (1,500 flights carrying 333 passengers) and spend on airport taxes, in shops, restaurants, wine farms, hotels, ubers, car hire and tours. Let’s say R5k of spend per person and that’s R2.5bn waiting to be spent in SA. Just by SAFAS.


Now add in the European holiday makers who want to see wildlife but are worried about Kenya, or want beaches but Australia/South America are off limits.


So with fast action, why can’t SA be the Southern Hemisphere tourist destination of choice?


But we need the country off the Red list and a big part of that is higher vaccination rates.


So getting jabbed not only significantly lowers your risk of death, but could also help job creation and job security of fellow South Africans. And all that demand for ZAR might even help your financial health.


Getting jabbed sounds like a good all round “trade” to me.