Traffic Congestion in SA – how do we rank globally?


By Steuart Pennington

I have often said that if you want to find out the facts of South Africa’s global standing, “Google it”. There are surveys on just about everything.

But don’t be fooled, there are hardly any surveys which include every country in the world, that being 235.

So, when you hear that we are “the worst in the world”, it is seldom the truth.

INRIX, I have just produced a traffic congestion survey of 1360 cities in which they measure the following:

  • The city’s ranking
  • The peak hours spent in congestion

The 10 worst cities are (hours spent in congestion)

Los Angeles (102); New York (91); Sao Paulo (86); San Francisco (79); Bogota (75); London (74); Atlanta (70); Paris (69); Miami (64)

Out of the top 100 cities, Cape Town ranks 29th (49); Johannesburg 46th (36); Pretoria 94th (26)

As far as the global country ranking is concerned South Africa ranks joint seventh with Brazil behind Thailand, Indonesia, Colombia, Venezuela, Russia, and USA.

The fact that neither Nigeria nor Lagos nor many other African cities appear gives credence to the old adage ‘Lies, dam lies, and statistics’ clearly the researchers were in fright!