Want to be a Kangaroo Mum?

Over the years, the Peace Agency has established a number of “Baby Homes” – places of love and care for abandoned and orphaned babies and toddlers. As our model informs, most of these are now fully-fledged NGO’s in their own right and run independently of us. Under our umbrella, we have the Durban North Baby Home and the Hammarsdale Child Care Centre. But with the crisis in adoption still far from resolved, Baby Homes like ours are bursting at the seams.

To meet this need in a sustainable way, the Peace Agency is launching a new initiative. We are inviting people to become “Kangaroo Mums” to 1 baby at a time. This will involve taking a baby into your home and caring for them until suitable long-term plans can be made for the little one. This could be for a night or two in a crisis situation or up to several months depending on the needs of the child and the availability of the crisis parents. It is not foster care or adoption – rather “crisis care”. And you will get the fully support of the Peace Agency to do this.

Please join us for an informal info session on Saturday 9th June (invite attached). If you want to support this work but don’t want to do the actual caring, let me know and we can talk about the various options. Oh, and please be concerned about this being gender exclusive – we are using the word “Mum’s” in its loosest possible sense. Everyone is invited to play a part in this important work.