Watch this spectacular video on Durban [gone viral]

Source : SA the Good News via Warren Hill


This film comes with a warning for expats – it may just make you want to move back home!

Over the past 2 years we at Novos Digital Cinema have been pouring our heart and souls into a never before seen showcase of our home town: Durban, South Africa.

When the team has not been on shoots both locally and abroad, they have been plowing their time and energy into collating the most moving cinematic sequences of various locations in and around the city of Durban.

As you might already know Durban has recently been awarded numerous international and local accolades, which has placed the city right up there amongst some of the top cities in the World. There is so much negativity in our Country at the moment and over the past 2 years we have been passionately exploring and capturing the raw, pure beauty of our City from a Perspective that we feel is rarely shown to the public.

In order to capture the City in the best possible light (literally), we would wait for a cold front to pass with the rains clearing up the skies, this always ensured that we had the optimum clarity when we were shooting.

Filming this over two years has had many ups and downs along the way.

The Time-lapse sequences were a labor of love. Each one taking an average of 4 to 5 hours to get those perfect moments which we could include in the film.

Kierran is an Internationally acclaimed photographer and has established himself as one of the world’s premier Time-Lapse cinematographers, shooting in many different locations all over the world.

With respect to the aerial cinematography elements of the film, this was executed by Warren Hill. Warren has flown unmanned aerial systems (or drones as they are commonly referred to) all over the world.

He has flown in 5 different countries and over 30 cities, gaining a unique experience in the execution of powerful cinematic aerial shots. His film “Cityscapes” was recently awarded runner-up at the International Drone Film Festival in Las Vegas.

Warren is also the Executive Producer of an upcoming documentary on drones out of the United States – The Drone Invasion.

Nathan Pellow-Jarman is one of the leading Cinematographers in South Africa. His understanding of cinematic camera movements is incredible and this results in the moving imagery that he creates being considered artforms. Nathan has also filmed in various locations around the world and has a unique gift when it comes to post production editing, as you can see by the Enter Durban edit which he handled in conjunction with Kierran and Warren.

Insight into the making of this film:

– How long it took to make:  The film has taken roughly 800 Hours to produce over the past two years, with elements like    the post production editing taken into account as well.

– What you needed to do: Many many early mornings being up 2 hours before sunrise and then shooting again in the afternoons for the sunset into the late evening.

– Some of the fun and not so fun times you guys had while making it: Being chased off some rooftops – Being rained on constantly and having the rain ruin more shoots than we can count.

– Some of the things you discovered during the process:  I think this is an amazing question because what we ultimately discovered through the process is that it is essentially all about the process and your attitude while you are going through the process. This film has taken a lot of patience from everyone to produce. Having patience is not always about how long we have to wait, but ultimately about our attitude while we are waiting. One of the most incredible lessons that we have been able to take from the process is this:  Perspective is a Privilege.

Soundtrack : Oh Wonder – Shark (Illenium Remix)

Credit : Novos Digital Cinema, Kierran Allen Photography & Something Visual

The Video was not commissioned by anyone, but rather, was shot purely out of passion for what we do.