“We are not as fit as we should be,” Vitality launches cardiorespiratory fitness research and a one-tap, first-of-its-kind fitness platform

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We’re unpacking, Discovery Vitality’s latest research which explores Cardiorespiratory Fitness, also known as VO2 max – a key indicator of aerobic fitness which significantly influences both how long you live (lifespan) and how many of those years will be in good health (healthspan).

Some of the key findings, conducted by Vitality wellness and fitness experts along with external contributors:

  • High cardio fitness levels lead to reduced hospitalisation costs.
  • Medium and high levels of cardio fitness are associated with a 20% and 45% lower risk of all-cause cancer mortality, respectively.
  • Higher levels of cardio fitness are associated with lower measures of anxiety and symptoms of depression.
  • Vitality members at a superior cardio fitness level spend more of their grocery spend on healthy food items, compared to those at a low cardio fitness level.

Discovery Vitality will also announce the launch of an innovative, technology-driven fitness platform that allows members to browse and search, and filter fitness facilities by location and different exercise categories on the Discovery app.

Join us for a light breakfast, presentations and a panel discussion featuring key industry experts who provide valuable insights on the topic.

Event Details:

Date: Wednesday, 3 July 2024

Time: 09:00 – 11:00

Venue: Vitality Gym, 8TH Floor, 1 Discovery Place, Sandton