We Know of UBUNTU, We Talk of UBUNTU, but do We Practise it? #ThisIsUs

This month being Heritage month in South Africa we explore the concept that Ubuntu opens us up to others. This is such a powerful concept. When we open ourselves up to other people’s views, beliefs, ideas, culture, heritage, religion and language we open ourselves up to growing and enriching our lives and mindset.


This is so important. I have found I have grown best when I do this and continue to grow. I have learnt so much by doing this and I encourage everyone to do so. This month we have seen so much vibrancy and colour by seeing the outfits and experiencing the culture of the many religions and cultures in South Africa. We are blessed to have such a rich and diverse mix of cultures in our country and in fact all over the world.


Imagine how boring life would be if we were all exactly the same. The world needs to open itself up to respect and celebrate the diversity of different cultures. Our heritage defines who we are and where we come from, but we must ensure we celebrate and understand everyone’s heritage. This will make for a better world and place to live in and leave a legacy for future generations – one of peace and working together to make the planet a place we can all be proud of.


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Have you signed the Ubuntu Pledge to live by 13 values and principles to make the world a better place? If not, please do so today. Click here to #PledgeUbuntu #ThisIsUs


Good luck and wishing you an Ubuntu-filled day as we look forward optimistically to October and the rest of the year.

Kevin Chaplin

Founder and MD of SA Ubuntu Foundation