What Does it Take for a Small Town to be Connected? #ThisIsUs

Technology has transformed the way of living and business operations. Most small towns struggle with being connected the same way as cities, some small towns have either low or no internet access.


Connectivity is one of the utmost essentials for people to be able to do business, work, school, and personal life. The digital transformation has moved people to be connected under one system, which is our mobile phone.


Internet is one of the infrastructures that has reshaped our future , hence being connected is relevant to any small town for greater developments.


Connectivity is the utmost booster for small towns cities to grow and add to the economic growth. What it takes for a small town to be effectively connected, there has to be wired connectivity, which includes the usage of computers, wired USB, and HDMI Cables. With technology transformations happening daily the need for connectivity has enabled wireless communication at a higher range, more engagements are done through wireless connections via mobile and satellite connections.


Nash Dennis Co-Founder Director of TNJ Projects Solutions Operations says, ‘’The cabling industry has improved from just using cabling for connecting communities to broadcast tv signals to now developing broadband networks in small communities for easy and faster communication circles. In the transformed digital world, the growth and success of a small town are dependent on the availability of access to the internet, however, having access to the internet also helps with communicating with each other.’’


With all the progress that small towns have achieved to adapt to these new technologies, issues of network connections happen from time to time as some areas are far from cellular/satellites infrastructures, which interrupts the internet connections abruptly.


The benefits of having a strong internet connection in small towns is that it enables small businesses to connect with larger communities and adapting to the new digital ways of doing business. Most small towns have taken the advantage to use advanced digital technologies, from local libraries to local schools having internet access has enabled learning and working remotely successfully.


Being in a small town and being able to walk anywhere, shop anywhere, and be able to see an internet point of sale shows how broad connectivity goes from one town to the other.


Internet-enabled areas have more accessibility to perform any activities that requires internet connections. The main goal for small towns is to improve people’s livelihoods and being able to have access to available and reliable internet services. In remote areas, small towns need to have strong internet connections to be able to operate online platforms and services.


Internet is used by people every day, with endless resources at their fingertips, soothes communication between people, businesses can reach their customer base and helps the community come together.


The Internet plays a critical role in growing and strengthening small towns; hence connectivity has been known as a great implementation to move small businesses to greater networking platforms nationally and internationally, this has led to large increases in their profits.


Small towns and underdeveloped areas have been catching up fast with the digital transformation, using it to grow their small businesses and improved livelihoods to be connected as well as big cities.


About TNJ Project Solutions

TNJ Project Solutions is a leading provider of Electrical and Telecommunication services such as power utilities, railway, mobile and fixed network operators in South Africa and the Southern African region at large.

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