Why did Khulisa win the SA UK Chamber of Commerce Gold Award?



Acknowledged, in her personal capacity as the leader and key influencer Lesley Ann van Selm, Founder and Managing Director of Khulisa Social Solutions last night received the Gold Award Winner for 2018 at a glittering event at the Millennium Gloucester Hotel in Kensington.

Recognised for her time and skills at contributing to the lifting of the spirit of South Africa, ensuring a better future for all, Lesley Ann was recognised for the work done through Khulisa, which she founded 21 years ago.

Since the inception of the organisation Khulisa has worked tirelessly for social justice, working throughout South Africa at grass-roots level through engagement with marginalised communities, gaining an understanding of local needs and how best capacity can be built at grass-roots level in order, through multi-stakeholder engagement, to leverage wide-scale change and measurable impact.

Khulisa UK has been operational for the past 11 years and prides itself on its highly acclaimed national service delivery rendering ‘Proudly South African’ programmes which have had a significant impact on a variety of dysfunctional communities throughout the UK.

Khulisa Australia was registered last year and is currently developing programmes addressing the needs within the Youth Justice System through a variety of South African developed interventions.

Khulisa’s HIV/AIDS Prison Education programmes developed over a period of ten years are currently running in 14 SADC countries.

Through a recently established partnership with The Thuli Madonsela Foundation, Khulisa aims to deal with social injustice through leveraging the support of strategically aligned investors in community eco-systems where, through a collaborative approach, complex problems can be addressed whilst simultaneously tackling the causal factors of complex social problems from a systemic point of view.

One of Khulisa’s most effective programmes is Streetscapes located in Cape Town which has been running for the past four years through addressing the fundamental needs of the homeless.  Khulisa, alongside various partners, have been successful in placing 66% of the street people in Central Cape Town Business District into jobs mainly in the arena of micro-enterprises and jobs offered through public works and other such programmes.

Says Lesley Ann upon receipt of the award: “The sense of hopelessness prevailing over our country can be combatted.  The secret lies in addressing the community-identified needs through multiple partnerships.  Only by reaching a critical mass will we ever effect wide-scale change.  The time for us to do things differently is now – the solution lies in the hand, is of each and every one of us.”

According to the Chairman of the SA Chamber of Commerce UK Sharon Constançon, there will be feedback to be given, in 12 months, to record and acknowledge the benefits of these Awards. “We will be working with sponsors, winners and finalists to ensure you all get the value of your year and then get an opportunity early next year to share with us the benefits you gained”.

Now, more than ever, commitment to purposeful work within our communities Is being heard in public forums, civil society and basic family units across all populations and professions. YOU can get involved, play a role, make a difference, influence and accelerate Positive Change.

For enquiries please contact Lesley Ann at lesleyann@khulisa.org.za or call +27 11 788 8237